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The results of the analysis for "physical immortality" at are as follows:

There are 8 words in the title.
Frequency in the title = 1
Weighted Keyword Density in the title= 25%

Description Meta Tag:
There are 22 words in the description.
Frequency in the description = 1
Weighted Keyword Density in the description= 9.09%

Keywords Meta Tag:
There are 78 words in the keyword meta tag.
Frequency in the keyword meta tag = 2
Weighted Keyword Density in the keyword meta tag= 5.13%

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Body Tag:
There are 3865 words in the body.
Frequency in the body = 90
Weighted Keyword Density in the body= 4.66%

Heading Tags:
There are no heading tags in the document.

Alt Tag:
There are 11 words in the alt tags.
There are no keywords in the alt tags.

A HREF Tag Link Text:
There are 383 word(s) in the href tags.
Frequency in the HREF tags = 12
Weighted Keyword Density in the HREF tag= 6.27%

Frequency in the href tags URL = 22

HTML Comment Tag:
There are no comment tags in the document.

There are 3981 word(s) in the entire page
Frequency for the page = 107.5
Weighted Keyword Density for the page= 5.55%

[about] [evaluation] [development] [promotion] [position exact]
[proposal] [resources] [clients] [press] [careers] [contact]