April 25, 2003 Physical Immortality Robert Ray Hedges is taking over internet Children's Immortalisation Mandatory

I propose that very few people know how their mind works. For example, people who claim to serve god are actually serving their idea of god that they created in their mind space and memory. So then the sincere but unsensed lie becomes that they think they are serving THE god but, in fact, they are actually only attending their version of their creation of what god is.
If there was a god, we wouldn't have to try to create one, like many of us do now. Because sex is the only preface to all forms of death, which, by our own law is not legal, then to become a parent is to become a child killer by intent. Well this fact cannot be assimilated by the mind because the guilt, denied, closes the door to reality and opens the door to belief. A real truth/saviour cannot appear, experientially, into this context because that being is not of god but of reality.
All parents breed to kill because the dna that creates all earth life forms creates it to kill it UNTIL physical immortalisation is created. So, Life/Death as we know it can only be sustained if all persons of all religions are not the truth.
If any were the truth, they would know that destructive procreational activity is cruel and pointless, and, SINFUL! Therefore, the god virus prevents the physical salvaging of children as the lie has become that whatever happens is "gods'" will. From my perspective this is a Doctrine of complete irresponsibility inclusive of the "American", the Jew, the Arab, the Buddha, the Indian, EVERY CULTURE and ANY form of belief that delays mortality resolution INTERNATIONAL!
The actual and very real extention of the human lifespan was physically created by persons of all variety of belief. So I say from this evidence that it is LOVING man that will save mortal man. This ISREAL.
All religion is in the way of THIS physical salvaging of our very very precious lives.
I am Robert Ray Hedges, I live in Sedona Arizona usa.
It's very painful for most humans to get real with the fact that our innocent, but unconscious parents, created us to die. The shame, anger, confusion, and denial that clutters mind space slows down the access to our common higher mind to access coordinated resolving strategies. Yet, what other route is there in the evolution of preservational aptitude as a respect for life science, internationalised, internetedly?
General Psychology has a large section on the identity crisis. Confusion can be seen as the main resistance to the acceleration of the applied consciousness explosion now quickening. Unresolved attitudes regarding our inherited death wish provide a brake on the evolution of survival aptitude socialisation strategies. It still looks to me like we're in a Darwinian Christ merging of applied immortalising aptitude, where expanding technologies represent intention amplification and have the capacity to generate evolutionary efficiency with an emotional and motivational component. Robert Ray Hedges is taking over the internet as the Children's Immortalisation Network Robert Ray Hedges is taking over the internet as Mortality Resolution International http://www.istopdeath.com virtuebios perspicacious Destinial Engineering.
In order for mothers to able to successfully kill all of their children AFTER the chidren have replicated, she needs hypnotic control over them. This is the mystic cunning witch hinted around for centuries. There must be a "You can't hit girls" psycho-sexual immunity for the baby creator/killer. In its metaphor "You can't use Gods' name in vain. But, in serious betrayal situations we often call the perpetrator "mother-f-__kr. This is a place of insight, a window through the veils. In this context WITCH we now live, the perpetrator is first a victim or recipient. This victim is passing on a deadly "lie" or act, so it can be seen as a psychic virus. The dna based psycho-chemical conspiracy has everyone acting/lying. You can find slight to moderate variation in the contrivancy of emotion as parents act around the world with their "kids" [the deceivee]. The schizophrenia (serving opposing objectives simultaneously or vascilating between them!)is guaranteed. How can you have "quality" child-killer parents.